Definition of statistical research methods|Data Science

Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Treatment: In an experiment, the manner in which
researchers handle subjects is called a treatment. Researchers are
specifically interested in how different treatments might yield
differing results.

Observational Study: An observational study is when an experimenter watches a group of subjects and does not introduce a treatment.

Example: A Survey or collection of data.

Independent Variable: The independent variable of a
study is the variable that experimenters choose to manipulate; it is
usually plotted along the x-axis of a graph.

Definition of Visualizing Data|Data Science

Definition of Visualizing Data|Data Science

Frequency Distribution

Frequency: The frequency of a data set is the number of times a certain outcome occurs.

Proportion: A proportion is the fraction of counts
over the total sample. A proportion can be turned into a percentage by
multiplying the proportion by 100.

Histogram: is a graphical representation of the
distribution of data, discrete intervals (bins) are decided upon to form
widths for our boxes. Adjusting the bin size of a histogram will
compact or spread out the distribution.


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