Airbus Electrical System Wiring Schematics

Monday, 2 May 2016

Airbus Electrical System Wiring Schematics

These schematics square measure simply tailored several} craft panel installations and there square measure many common parts that would be used for any craft panel. it's additionally a wonderful example of real-life implementation of the open supply astronautics styles originally from Vx Aviation that square measure enclosed within the Maker Plane repository, The repair shed Workshop. you may see installation of the subsequent open supply avionics:
  1. AXIS-9A Dynon Wiring Hub
  2. AXIS-25A Avionics Cross-connect Wiring Hub
  3. GBX-1A Avionics Ground Bus
  4. AMX-2A 10 Channel Audio Mixer
  5. IL-6A Lamp Controller
  6. The schematics include the following diagrams to help you with your own panel designs:
  7. Master Switch and Starter
  8. Ignition
  9. Avionics Master
  10. EFIS wiring
  11. EMS
  12. Autopilot
  13. Trim
  14. Lights (NAV, Strobe, Landing, Cabin etc)
  15. Audio
  16. Smoke (Vern does aerobatic flying!)
  17. Infinity Grip wiring
  18. Wig-wag oscillator driver
  19. Servo Controller   
 This is a fantastic resource and hope that it helps you in your own project!  This essentially takes care of ninety nine of the LSA paradigm electrical system.


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