Definition of statistical research methods|Data Science

Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Treatment: In an experiment, the manner in which
researchers handle subjects is called a treatment. Researchers are
specifically interested in how different treatments might yield
differing results.

Observational Study: An observational study is when an experimenter watches a group of subjects and does not introduce a treatment.

Example: A Survey or collection of data.

Independent Variable: The independent variable of a
study is the variable that experimenters choose to manipulate; it is
usually plotted along the x-axis of a graph.

Definition of Visualizing Data|Data Science

Definition of Visualizing Data|Data Science

Frequency Distribution

Frequency: The frequency of a data set is the number of times a certain outcome occurs.

Proportion: A proportion is the fraction of counts
over the total sample. A proportion can be turned into a percentage by
multiplying the proportion by 100.

Histogram: is a graphical representation of the
distribution of data, discrete intervals (bins) are decided upon to form
widths for our boxes. Adjusting the bin size of a histogram will
compact or spread out the distribution.

Smart Home Automation Basic Concept|How it Works

Monday, 21 May 2018

Smart Home Automation Basic Concept|How it Works | Smart AI Automation|Machine Learning|Md Benozir Hossain: The Home Automation idea has existed for a long time. The terms Smart Home or Intelligent Home took after and has been utilized to present the idea of organizing machines and gadgets in the house. Home automation basic concept Systems speaks to an extraordinary research opportunity in making new fields in designing, and Figuring.

The Next Generation Traction Transformers-Future Tech

Sunday, 17 September 2017

 The Next Generation Traction Transformers-Future Tech

Traction transformers are always design and manufactured according to a specific railway system and based on detailed parameters. Traction systems can be divided into two major groups, AC (alternating current) and DC (direct current) systems. Typical system set-ups are: 15 kV AC 16 2/3 Hz. 25 kV AC 50 Hz.
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How it works The Switchgear substation Equipment's

Thursday, 27 July 2017

How it works The Switch gear substation Equipment's

The switchgear refers to the series of the switching devices required for a low, medium or excessive voltage electrical circuit. It consists of switching and protection gadgets such as fuses, circuit breakers, isolators, disconnect switches, relays and other devices that manipulate the drift of electricity.
These devices are used to change the electric energy on and off for transformers, motors, generators, transmission lines, and electricity networks in homes, commercial, industrial, transmission and distribution systems.
The switchgear consists of two fundamental components:
Power switching/conducting aspect such as a circuit breaker, fuse, or lightning arrester that can disconnect the drift of strength when there is a fault.

Power control components such as protective relays, manage panels, contemporary transformers and different devices to monitor, defend and control the electricity conduction elements and the electrical equipment.
The switch gears are used at a variety of points of an installation. In the industrial setup, the switch gear controls the strength to the manufacturing techniques whilst at the utilities, the switch gear is used to run the electric grid. In commercial buildings, it is used to furnish and manipulate power to the masses whilst imparting safety to the hundreds and the installation.
The switch gear permits the switching on and off of the generators, electrical equipment, transmission, distributors and different circuits at some stage in the ordinary working conditions. However, underneath fault conditions, the switch gear is designed to become aware of the faults and interrupt the float of electrical energy to the affected section, for that reason disconnecting and setting apart it from the wholesome circuit.
For efficient operation, the switch gear be speedy in operation and have an choice of manual manipulate to be used when the automated feature is no longer working.
The switch gears are required at all switching factors of an electrical network. The ratings of the gadgets at every stage rely on the voltage levels at that point. Other than in distribution and transmission networks, the switch gears are used in residential, commercial, industrial circuits. 
he switch gears are classified according to the voltage levels involved in the circuit of application. 
The three classes are:
  •  High voltage Switch gear
  •  Medium voltage Switch gear  &
  • Low voltage Switch gear


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