Networking basic mcq answers

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Basic of Computer Networking Technology

■ Network consists of 2 or additional entities sharing
resources and data.
■ Samples of basic networks embody your human
network, faculty lunchrooms, eating house feeding,
and business contact development.
■ The aptitude to share is increased once data
is keep on computers.
■ Laptop networks incorporates 2 or additional
computers that area unit connected and ready to
■ Networked computers share resources and
■ Powerful networks result once further computers
are additional to the communication potentialities.
■ As additional and additional information becomes offered over a
network, some reasonably an effect system should be
■ The hierarchy of information ought to be utilized in network
■ Access to information keep to a higher place during this chain is additional
strictly controlled, which suggests fewer individuals will
view that information.
■ information is outlined as a chunk or items of knowledge.
■ the gathering, correct manipulation, and effective tracking makes information
management on networks therefore vital.


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