RESISTORS Basic MCQ Electronics- Electrical Components VIVA CSE - ETE-1

Saturday, 3 January 2015

Basic MCQ VIVA CSE - ETE- Electronics- Electrical Components-RESISTORS

1.A flow of electrons through materials- RESISTANCE

2.The presure that pushes electrons through a materials- VOLTAGE

3.A materials that has very high resistance to electron flow- INSULATOR

4.A materials that allows electrons to flow easily- CONDUCTORS

5.A materials that produces electrical friction and
restricts the flow of electrons- SEMICONDUCTORS

6.A resistor that is made by wrapping a wire around a ceramic rod- WIRE-WOUND

7.A resistor made by heating power and resin in an  oven-   THERMISTOR

8.A resistors made by depositing a very thin layer of resistive materials on
 a ceramic rod- CARBON FILM

9.One of the preferred values of a 5% resistor- 77 ohms

10.The amount of wattage a resistor can handle is determined by- SIZE.


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