Types of USB Connectors

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Universal Serial Bus Connectors Types

USB-A Connectors

USB-A female  is that the standard “host” instrumentation kind. this can be found on computers, hubs, or any device purported to own peripherals blocked into it. it's additionally attainable to appear out extension cables with a feminine A instrumentation and a male A instrumentation on the opposite finish.

exp:USB-A ports on a laptop computer.

Female USB-A ports on the facet of a moveable laptop computer. The blue instrumentation is USB three.0 compliant.

Different types of  USB pin cofiguration
USB-A male is that the standard “peripheral” instrumentation kind. Most USB cables can have one finish terminating in associate very USB-A male instrumentation, and far of devices (such as keyboards and mice) can have a intrinsic cable terminated with a USB-A male instrumentation. It’s additionally attainable to appear out USB-A male connectors that unit of mensuration board mountable, for devices like USB memory sticks.

USB-A male instrumentation examples

Two sorts of Male USB-A connectors, on a SparkFun hellhound cable ANd associate AVR Stick development board.

USB-B Connectors

USB-B female is a conventional for peripheral devices. It’s bulky, but robust, so in applications wherever size isn't a drag, it’s the popular implies that for providing a removable instrumentation for USB property. it's typically a through-hole board mount instrumentation, for GHB trustiness, however there unit of menstruation panel-mount choices for it still.
exp:USB-B instrumentation working on Arduino Uno device
Arduino boards, to boot as this Uno, have long used the feminine USB-B instrumentation, as a results of its low price and strength.
USB-B male is type of totally found at the very best of a cable. USB-B cables unit of mensuration present and low price, that additionally contributes to the recognition of the USB-B affiliation.

Male USB-B instrumentation

USB-B male instrumentation on the very best of a Spark Fun hellhound cable.Use as
USB-Mini Connectors
The USB-Mini affiliation was the primary ancient commit to deflate the scale of the USB instrumentation for smaller devices. USB-Mini feminine is typically found on smaller peripherals (MP3 players, older cell phones, very little external arduous drives), and is typically a surface mount instrumentation, commerce robustness for size. USB-Mini is slowly being phased are available in favor of the USB-Micro instrumentation.

USB-Mini female instrumentation

USB-Mini female instrumentation on knowledgeable to snap skilled mini.
USB-Mini male is another cable-only instrumentation. like USB-B, it’s quite common, and cables is additionally found cheaply concerning anyplace.

USB-Mini male instrumentation

USB-Mini male instrumentation on the very best of a SparkFun hellhound cable.

USB-Micro Connectors

USB-Micro is a fairly recent addition to the USB instrumentation family. like USB-Mini, the first concern is size reduction, however USB-Micro adds a fifth pin for low-speed signalling, permitting it to be utilized in 

USB-OTG (On-the-go) applications wherever a tool might want to manage as either selection or a peripheral looking on circumstances.
USB-Micro female is found on a lot of moderen peripherals, like digital cameras and MP3 players. The adoption of USB-micro as a typical charge port for all new cellular phones and pill computers implies that chargers and knowledge cables have gotten extra and extra common, and USB-Micro is probably aiming to follow USB-Mini at intervals the returning years as a results of the small-factor USB instrumentation of alternative.

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