Electricity EEE Mcq job interview question answers

Monday, 4 January 2016

Basic Electricity Mcq job interview question answers.

1. One Newton meter is same as -One Joule

2. One angstrom is equal to- 10"10 m

3. Conductance: mho ::Resisance: ohm

4.Negative temperature co-efficient - Electrolytes

5. Nichrome wire is an alloy of- Nickel and Chromium

6.The number of electrons in the outer most orbit of carbon atom is- 4

7.Voltage dependent resistors are use to- supress surges

10. Voltage dependent resistors are usually made from- nichrome

11. All good conductors have high -conductance

12. Semi-conductors are the materials having electrical conductivity much less than most of the metals but much greater than that of typical insulators.

13. An open resistor, when checked with an ohm-meter reads -Infinite

14.A rheostat differs from an potentiometer in the respect that it- has a wattage rating

15. A semi-conductor is a material whose conductivity is same as between that of a conductor and an insulator.



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