Electrical And Electronics Special Symbols

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Special Symbols
ɑ-level set a crisp set of elements belonging
to a fuzzy set A at least to a degree

Δf-1f common symbol for bandwidth, in
ɛrGaAs common symbol for gallium arsenide
relative dielectric constant.ɛrGaAs
ɛ rSi common symbol for silicon relative
dielectric constant. ɛrSi
ɛ0 symbol for permitivity of free space.
ɛ 0 =8.849 10−12  farad/meter.
ɛ r common symbol for relative dielectric
η DC common symbol for DC to RF conversion
efficiency. Expressed as a percentage.
η a common symbol for power added efficiency.
Expressed as a percentage.
η t common symbol for total or true efficiency.
Expressed as a percentage.


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