VLSI-Very Large Scale Integration

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

VLSI-Very Large Scale Integration

1.VLSI Design or VLSI Circuit Design refers to
designing high-density electronic circuits, typically
circuits that contain transistor in excess of 100,000.
2.There are 2 types of VLSI Circuits-Analogue and
3.VLSI Circuit Design typically (and in this class)
involves discussions about different logic styles and
implementation technologies for implementing
digital circuits, transistor and mask-level layout and
interconnect, fabrication technologies and analysis of
various design and performance parameters such as
Speed, Power, Cost, Reliability etc.
4.The discussion typically is at Logic (Gate), Circuit
(Transistor) and Physical/Mask (Silicon) Level.
5.Integration simply means more devices per chip.
Integration improves design, that is its speed, power
consumptions, size—and reduces manufacturing


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