Difference between e.m.f and p.d

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

What is the fundamental Difference between e.m.f and p.d?

e.m.f: Electro motive force

p.d:  potential difference

a.The Next they first look implies that this force that causes current to flow. But it is not true that it is not by force, but energy provided by some require an active device such as a battery.

b.E.M.F keeps p.d while p.d. Causes the current to flow.

c.When we say that the EMF of the device is 2 V, this means that the machine provides the energy of 2 joules coulomb charge. When we say that the PD between points A and B of a circle is 2 V, this means that Coulomb energy give up charge of two Joule crossing from A to B.



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