Thesis Future of Microprocessor Technology

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Future of Microprocessor Technology

Short Thesis about Future Fastest Microprocessor

Microprocessor Work And Background:

Everyone working in the computer industry is known Moore's law and double the number of transistors (a measure predicted the computer program source ) every 18-24 months. Until recently, in general microprocessor is usually best described in terms of processor clock Speed ​​show in megahertz (MHz ) or gigahertz (GHz ) .

Today there are over clocked far considered in evaluating how a given processor for a given application and location that is suitable for good scale. Designers of microprocessors today are more prepared in tested so that the silicon melt influence and designs Microprocessor less foot print size , power and heat generation .

Designers also have to do with the optimization of the micro architecture, multiprocessing parallelism, vibration, creation - in security features , memory efficiency standard and better synergy of hardware and Software tools such as compilers . Most attention is devoted to a designer the improvement of the efficiency of software code that is not hardware responsible for higher dynamic optimization is the good system, ultimate will.

As an example , the ® ® Intel Itanium processor family is designed around small nuclei are remarkably compact footprint in terms of number of transistors ,especially when you consider the amount of work that completed. Itanium has taken instruction level parallelism to a new level , and This can be used in parallel with thread leverage more
processor cores and threads per core to good. Some past microprocessor designs have become too much and relied on out - of - the logic to reorganize and optimize software information .to remember, microprocessor designers continue to send more and better
software tools , further optimization of software and better compilers.

Because it is so efficient and so small and not in terms of - of - order logic, but the Itanium processor can be sent through without generate heat but controversial. This makes a simple but Itanium efficient and refined engine allows only a long-term improvement in executing software enhancement niche , such as less important advances in hardware. These are more and more difficult to achieve, since even Gordon Moore believes the exponential rise only on advances in microprocessor hardware “will not continue forever.”

Microprocessor Future Advancement:

Given the tremendous advances in the design of microprocessor Architecture since 1965, is a risky project for bringing new technologies ten to fifteen years . And not much future - associate researchers is expressing optimism about the possibility of small nano - electronic components ,help organic molecules , carbon nano tubes and electrons as the underlying technology for a new generation of microprocessors around 2015 .

There are restrictions on what can be done with silicon , said Philip J. Kuekes ,a researcher in physics Hewlett - Packard Laboratories in New York Time ( " chip time Industry a plan for life after silicon " , by John Markoff , New York Times , December 29, 2005 ) . Kuekes that H - P is currently working on molecular - scale nanotechnology switches, it is hoped, will be overcome some now - day technology challenges discussed. Kuekes as electrical engineers , chemists and physicists around the world , along with many semiconductor manufacturers and suppliers , government agencies , universities and consortia to support the quality of microprocessors and solving some of the problems with mold in the more distant future progress described by the average time law. The Moore Microprocessor progress will be much more satisfied over come in the design of nanotechnology for the physical and quantum associated with conventional silicon transistors and processor cores.


The advances in microprocessor technology well represented within the Intel Itanium processor, delivering reliability, scalability, security, important services, parallelism and a new memory model on a healthy micro architectural catalyst.
Because it is so efficient and so small and not dependent on out - of-order logic,but the Itanium processor provides a higher quality without heat but controversial. This makes a simple Itanium not save and more sophisticated engine that allows and long term improvements in the code implementation of improvement niche in the software, such as lower important new developments in hardware.
Microprocessor Hardware improvement is increasingly difficult for complete as even Gordon Moore believes the exponential upward curve microprocessor hardware progress "Can’t go on forever."


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