DC Circuit MCQ Job Interview Exam Higher Study Admission Questions Answers part4

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

DC Circuit MCQ Job Interview Exam Higher Study Admission Questions Answers part4

1.Four cell, each of internal resistance 1 Ω, are connected in parallel. The battery resistance will be  0.25 Ω.

2.The current in a coil of resistance 90 Ω is to be reduced by 90%. What value of resistance should be connected in parallel with it?  10 Ω.

3.In order to get maximum current in series-parallel grouping of cells, the external resistance should be equal to the total internal resistance of the battery.

4.Two equal resistance are connected in series across a certain supply. If the resistances are now connected in parallel, the power produced will become four times.

5. Voltmeters V1 and V2 are connected in series across a d.c. line. The voltmeter  V1 reads 80 V and has per volt resistance of 200 Ω while V2 has a total resistance of 32 kΩ. The line voltage is  240 V.

6. A wire has a resistance of 6 Ω. It is bent in the form of an equilateral triangle. The effective resistance between any two corners of the triangle is  4/3 Ω.

7. Two similar cells whether joined in series or in parallel have the same current through an external resistance of 2 Ω. The internal resistance of each cell is 2 Ω.

8.When resistance are connected in parallel, the current divides itself in inverse ratio of resistances.

      9.When a d.c. battery of e.m.f E and internal resistance r delivers maximum power to an external resistance R, the ratio r/R is 1:1.

     10.   Two bulbs rated at 25 W, 110 V and 100 W, 110 V are connected in series to a 220 V supply. What will happen to the circuit?  25 W bulb will burn out



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