Electrical DC Machine Basic Formula Principle of Operation

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Electrical DC Machine Basic Formula Principle of Operation

Some Basic Formula:

Right‐hand screw rule (cross product operation in vector algebra)
A1 X A2= A3
A1, A2, and A3 are vectors. Rotate RH fingers from the direction of the first vector , A1, to the
direction of the second vector, A2, through the small angle (<180o) between them; the direction
of A3 is then given by the extended RH thumb. In our applications, the magnetic field B is always
the second vector.

Given a straight conductor lying in a magnetic field, and oriented perpendicular to the direction
of the field. Let

B= magnetic flux density (also called magnetic induction), [T=tesla=weber/m2];

L=active length of conductor,[m]. u

Induced voltage (emf): 

E=B.L.u.sinα volts

u= speed of conductor perpendicular to its length[m/s];

α= small angle from u to B.

Direction of E : RH screw rule from u to B .

Developed force:

Fd= B.I.L newtons [N]
I= current through conductor, [A].
Direction of Fd : RH screw rule from I to B.


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