Capacitance MCQ Short QUESTIONS ANSWERS Part 1

Thursday, 16 January 2014

     CAPACITANCE MCQ Short QUESTIONS ANSWERS 4 Job University Admission Test

  • The two charged conductors are touched mutually and then separated. What will be the charge on them?

              The charge on them will be divided in the ratio of their capacitances. We know that q= CV.
              When the charged conductors touch, they acquire the same potential. Hence q C 

  • The plates of a charged capacitor are connected to a voltmeter. If the plates of the capacitor are separated further, what will be the effect on the reading of the voltmeter?

                             V= q/C and C= 0 A/d
            As the capacitor plates are separated, C decreases. Since charge on the plates remains the  
            same, value of V increases. Hence, the reading of the voltmeter will increase.


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