Magnetic Circuits Short Mcq Questions Answers

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Magnetic Circuits Short Mcq Questions Answers

Magnetic Circuits Important Terms

1. Magnetomotive Force (m.m.f): It is magnetic pressure which sets up or tends to set up flux in a magnetic circuit. When electric current is passed through a winding wound  on a core, a magnetic field is produced in the core. The product of current and number of turns of the coil is equal to m.m.f.
m.m.f = N I Ampere-turns (AT)
Adding turns of wire to a coil has the same effect as increasing the current flow. For Example, a one-turn coil with 1 A of current flowing in it produces the same m.m.f as a 10-turn coil with only 0.1 A of current flow. Therefore, effective m.m.f. of a magnetic circuit is equal to the product of the number of turns and current.


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