Two Application of maximum power transfer theorem

Friday, 3 January 2014

Network Theorem Short Questions Answers

Two Application of maximum power transfer theorem

  • In electronic circuits, maximum power transfer is usually desirable. For instance in a public address system, the circuit is adjusted for maximum power transfer by making load resistance ( example: Speaker) equal to source(example: amplifier) resistance.

  • Another maximum power transfer system is the starting of a car engine. The power delivered to the starter motor of the car will depend upon the effective resistance of the motor and internal resistance of the battery. If the two resistance are equal ( in case when battery is fully charged, maximum power will be transferred to the motor to turn on the engine. This is particularly desirable in winter when every watt that can be extracted from the battery is needed by the starter motor to turn on the cold engine. If the battery is weak, its internal resistance is high and the car does not start.

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