Circuit Protection Devices (Fuses)

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Electronic Circuit Protection Devices (Fuses)

When electronic equipment fails, according to his guilt, power supply circuit draw more current. To protect other circuits damage caused additional fuse is installed to turn off the device. Fuse located in series with the circuit drawing current.
Many different types of fuses are used in consumer electronic devices. There are four types of fuses. Some of the various types of fuses are used to protect electronic circuits are:

  • micro fuses very small in size.
  • Quick blow glass fuses fast acting .
  • Time lag fuses blow or slow.
  • Ceramic Fuses.
  • Slow Glass blowing fuses
  • Thermal-protection fuses.
  • Fusible resistor-type fuses.
  • Bi-metal strip circuit breakers .


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