Transformer and Coil Operations

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Transformer and Coil Operations

  • Transformers and coils are used in most electronic consumer devices. This energy can be transforms In power supply, Radio frequency (RF) transformers and coils in the RF & IF part of Television and radio receivers ,and coils and chokes , or if the units are used to remove various types of RF and electrical interference. 

  • So using program codes and steel coils And the major forms of air. Usually four or more tracks and transformers So the two lead wires connections to the coils .The name implies, the alternator" Changes " pulsed DC or AC voltage down to ( a high voltage ) or ( low to By induction from a voltage circuits ), the successive near another winding ( s ) .Only when changing the voltage to the windings Transformer action , may Such an alternative to AC ( alternate current ) voltage . If one is connected to a DC voltage Transformer primary winding, secondary winding producing a voltage pulse when connected or disconnected coil input voltage needed for an instant.
  • Magnetic field Primary coil production (cut) across the secondary winding goes through the magnetic Second induction coil induces an AC voltage. Thus, a magnetic transfer Occur, depending on the number, AC output voltage to increase or decrease the Coil and no of turns.


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