How to Use an ohmmeter or voltmeter verify of a Power Transformer

Thursday, 19 September 2013


Transformer can fails down in many ways. Some of the various failures are:
  • Wire coil rotating to can open.
  • This can happen where  a copper wire coil connected with the terminal lugs.
  • Transformer coil windings can make a break in the lines near the coil wire .Can be shortened
  • Transformer coil windings of primary and secondary can become shorted to another one.
  • Transformer coil windings of primary and secondary leak can develop high resistance.
  • Transformer coil windings due to the collapse of the metal core insulation, If transformers, or frame.
  • Power a Transformer may heat up , and start leaking of wax material Issue and perhaps smoking and burning.
If you recognize your own equipment burning smell and look up some of the wax is melted Inside the enclosure located in the adapter, power supply and make it immediately turn off or disconnect the device. You may find the same symptoms, if your equipment stops dawn working and valves. Usually will not be harmed power transformer over-heated problem that caused this situation is part of another component has to shorten Outside.Such failures of components will be shorten average diode, capacitors electrically candidate, Transistor regulator or bypass capacitors. You can use the meter to check the resistance of all the shorts Or low resistance in the B+ Supply lines .Below in the figure shows how you can check the leakage between the primary and secondary of the transformer.With the primary winding voltage DC powered and any effort measurement with your voltmeter excellent points on two minor fluctuations. If you find even a very small force, it has the adapter and leakage and should be replaced. The measure is used to check the resistance across the open each winding. Make sure Power is turned off or disconnect the device for measuring resistance to test this.


    fig: How to use an ohmmeter or voltmeter to check windings of a power transformer


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