Friday, 20 September 2013


 Metal -Oxide Varistor  (MOV):
  • Varistor or MOV used in many consumer electronic products. Show in figure1 depicts Varistor or MOV electric circuits. You can think of the (against variable voltage) as a tool that has a high resistance at low voltages, but with a higher voltage, the resistance drops to a much lower value. 

figure1 : Schematic Diagram of MOV or Varistor

  • MOVs usually consist of zinc oxide material.That the MOV is not polarized, its functional in AC circuits. MOVs used beyond electronic equipment AC power input circuits and telephone line follow in image 2. MOV is usually installed spike and surge voltage suppression for circuit protection. MOV is rated by its power "collapse" and that when installing or replacing the MOV, first be sure that the voltage is a little higher tension normally found in a circle to this point.


    figure 2 : Mov spike protection mechanism setup on a phone line.


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