Electrical and Electronics Dictionary

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Electrical and Electronics Dictionary

Electric Network: The electrical components (resister,capacitor,inductor and supply sources) is connected in circuit in whatever i.e. series or parallel is called electrical network.

Complex Network:  It is those circuits which consists of many parameters (resister,capacitor etc) and these parameters are connected in such a manner that don’t solve easily by ohm law. When use ohm’s law for the solution of circuit so it’s required a lot of equation so we solve these circuits by different theorems. These circuits may be AC or DC.

Circuit: Circuit is a close conducting which allows current to pass or intending to pass pitch the circuit.

Open Circuit: Such circuits which not complete the path and its external resistance in infinite and zero current.

Short Circuit: Such circuit which provide shortest path to complete the circuit (before the load).  It’s resistance is zero and current is infinite.

Parameters or Constant: The different element from which an electric  circuit are making is parameters or constant. i.e. resistance, inductance and capacitance.

Linear Circuit: Such circuit whose parameters do not change and remain constant with voltage or current is called linear circuit.

Non Linear Circuit: Such circuit whose parameters are change with voltage or current and do not remain constant is called non-linear circuit.

Unilateral Circuit: This is those circuit to which we apply the supply from only one side or they pass current from one side and from the other side they just behave like open circuit. i.e. diode, which is normally  used for rectification(conversion from AC to DC) process.

Bilateral Circuit: This is that type of circuit which pass the current from both side, OR they work in proper way when current is applied to it. i.e. transmission line etc.

Node: Appoint in a circuit which connect two or more than two circuit elements together is called node. OR Node is a point in a circuit from which current is distributed in two or more than two paths.

Branch: The path b/w two junctions is called branch.
A close path in a circuit which do not encounter any component more than one time.

Mesh: It is a component, which do not have any loop in it. OR Mesh is a loop, which has no loop within it.


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