How to works Electronic Power Supplies

Monday, 23 September 2013

Electronic Power Supplies

All electrical equipment must be some type of power supply or power source to draw strength from the operate.Most Power rectifiers and filters to produce a DC voltage. Some devices are defined work and power is used to recharge the battery. Most circuits need DC power or direct current to work.

Half-wave power supplies:
The electrical circuit diagram in Figure-1 is a half-wave rectifier power supply. Comment correct, to the best sine wave is missing only the good part is now available. The following waveform segments are removed from the rectifier diode that is now delivered to. Pulsating DC is 60 times per second and is now smoothed with a capacitor filter.

 Figure-1: half-wave rectifier power-supply

Full-wave power supplies:
Power supply full-wave circuit is shown in Figure-2 allows two halves AC sine wave can be used, with output ripple of 120 times in, more than 60 times a second, like a halfwave power. Two diodes connected to the existing diodes in the second half of the cycle. Therefore, the diodes are each half cycle. Ripple Current 120 - a cycle that must be smoothed with a resistor or metal-core choke and two capacitors filtering. Stranglehold help prevent sudden change of the flow path and two electrolytic capacitor (C2) provides more power.

Figure-2: full-wave rectifier power-supply


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