Protective Relay Protection for Power System

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Protective Relay -Protection for Power System

It is not economically used to create and manufacture electrical equipment that is not failed in service. Equipment will fail, and only way to limit further damage to the equipment, and limited risk to human life.
So Electrical protection will much need for better rescue services and for better response. Protection of electrical system detects abnormal conditions, localizes malfunctions and immediately to remove the damaged utilities from services.

Protection relays:
Protection Relay is a device, which works to disconnect faulty part of the system, prevent the rest of the system from further damage. Force Protection to remove faulty devices.

Power protection has maintained order of some priority.

  1. To ensure the safety of employees
  2. To protect all the system
  3. To make continues power supply
  4. To the less damage
  5. To reduce the amount of resultant cost


Figure: How Protective Relay Works

All requirements to necessary to ensure fast and accurately detection of faulty device or fault and safely removal from the service equipments.


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