Electrical Engineering mcq- Basic Concept MCQ 2

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Basic Electrical Engineering- Basic Concept MCQ2

1.       Electric Current is a Scalar quantity.
2.       The electric current in a discharge tube containing a gas is due to electrons and positive ions both.
3.       The specific resistance of a wire depends upon its materials.
4.       The resistance of a straight conductor is independent of Shape of cross-section.
5.       Conductivity is the reciprocal of resistivity.
6.       Insulators have negative temperature co-efficient of resistance.
7.       Eureka has almost zero temperature co-efficient of resistance.
8.       A piece of aluminum wire is stretched to reduce its diameter to half of its original value. Its resistance will become sixteen times.
9.       Semiconductors have negative temperature coefficient of resistance.
10.   Constantin wire is used for making standard resistance because it has negligibly small temperature co-efficient of resistance.

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