Electrical Engineering mcq- Basic Concept MCQ 3

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Electrical Engineering- Basic Concept MCQ3

1.       The SI unit of conductivity is mho/m.
2.       The value of α (temperature co-efficient of resistance) depends upon nature of the material and temperature.
3.       At 0 K, germanium behaves as an insulator.
4.       The example of non-ohmic resistance is carbon resistance.
5.       If an electric current is passed through a nerve, the man begins to weep.
6.       A copper wire is stretched so that its length is increased by 0.1%. The change in its resistance is  0.2%.
7.       The best conductor of electricity silver.
8.       Ampere-hour is the unit of quantity of electricity.
9.       The resistance decrease with increase temperature Carbon.
10.   A wire having very high value of conductance is said to be very good conductor.


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