Electrical Materials Conductor-Semiconductor-Insulator

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Electrical Materials: Conductor-Semiconductor-Insulator
Electrical Materials divided into three major parts:
                   1.Conductor 2. Semiconductor 2. Insulator

    1. Conductor:
     a. Conductor generated by metallic bonds. These bonds are based on the structure of the metal positive ions surrounded by a cloud of electrons.
     b. Conductors have a positive temperature coefficient of resistance. Resistance will increase with increasing      temperature.
     c. Conductors are used for carrying current in circuits.
    2. Semiconductors:
      a. Semiconductors are created by covalent bonds.
      b. Semiconductors have a negative temperature coefficient of resistance. Their resistance decreased with increasing temperature.
      c.Semiconductors used in the manufacture of electronic devices. [For example, crystal diodes, etc Transistor]
    3. Insulators:
     a. Insulators are mainly covalent compounds.
     b. I have isolated a negative temperature coefficient of resistance, their resistance decreases with increasing temperature.
     c. Insulators are used to limit the current path you want.


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