DC Circuit MCQ Job Interview Exam Higher Study Admission Questions Answers part1

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

DC Circuit MCQ 
Job Interview Exam Higher Study Admission Questions Answers part1

      1.       Current is a Scalar.

      2.       A d.c. circuit usually has Resistance as the load. 

      3.       The purpose of load in an electric circuit is to utilize electrical energy.

      4.       Electrical appliances are not connected in series because appliances have different current ratings.

      5.       Electrical appliances are connected in parallel because makes the operation of appliances independent of each other.

      6.       When cells are arranged in parallel the current capacity increases.

      7.       When the numbers of resistances are connected in parallel, the total resistance is less than the smallest resistance.

      8.       A cell of e.m.f. E is connected across a resistance r. The potential difference between the terminals of the cell is found to be V. The internal resistance of the cell is  (E-V/V)r.

      9.       Five cells each of e.m.f. E and internal resistance r are connected in series. If due to oversight, one cell is connected wrongly, then the equivalent e.m.f. and internal resistance of the combination are 3E and 5r.

     10.   A wire has a resistance of 12 ohms. It is bent in the form of a circle. The effective resistance between the two points on any diameter of circle is 3ohms.
6||6= (6*6)/(6+6)= 36/12= 3


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