DC Circuit MCQ Job Interview Exam Higher Study Admission Questions Answers part2

Thursday, 19 December 2013

DC Circuit MCQ Job Interview Exam Higher Study Admission Questions Answers part 2

     1.       The smallest resistance obtained by connecting 50 resistance of ¼ each is  1/200.
     2.       The internal resistance of a cell of e.m.f.  2.0 V is 0.1Ω. It is connected to a resistance of 3.9Ω. The voltage across the cell is 1.9v
Circuit current I=E/R+r= 2.0/3.9+0.1=0.5A,
Voltage across cell V=E-Ir =2.0-(0.5*0.1)=1.95V
    3.       Three 2 Ω resistors are connected to form a triangle. The resistance between any two corner is (4/3) Ω.
    4.       A cell of negligible internal resistance and e.m.f. 2 volts is connected to series combination of 2, 3 and 5 Ω. The potential difference across the terminals of 3 Ω resistors will be 0.6V.
    5.       A 200 W and 100 W bulb both meant for operation at 220 V are connected in series. When connected to a 220 V supply, the power consumed by them is 66W.
PT= P1P2/(P1+P2) = 200*100/200+100  = 66 W
    6.       An electric fan and a heater are marked as 100 W, 220V and 1000 W, 220 V respectively. The resistance of heater is less than that of fan.
    7.       Three cells each of e.m.f 1.5 V and internal resistance 1 Ω are connected in parallel. The e.m.f. of the combination is 1.5 V.
    8.       When the internal resistance of a cell is large compared to the external resistance, then high current is obtained by grouping the cells in parallel.
    9.       The e.m.f. of a cell depends upon electrolyte and electrodes of the cell.
   10.   Given three equal resistances, combinations of these three resistances can be made four.



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