What is 5G Technology How it Works

Sunday, 6 December 2015

What is 5G How it Works

About 5G :
The "G" in 3G, 4G and 5G stands for "generation." thus 5G are going to be the fifth generation of wireless network technology.
The standards for 5G haven't however been set. in step with Bill Smith, president of AT&T's network operations, 5G can probably be outlined in 2018, and also the standards for 5G can written someday in 2019 by the standards-setting International Telecommunication Union, a branch of the United Nations. The standards can verify that wireless technologies may be known as "5G," moreover as what its characteristics should embrace, like how briskly it'll be.
Still, it's doable to form a really educated guess regarding what 5G can seem like supported the rising 5G technologies that the wireless trade is experimenting with.

How 5G Works :
A lot of the wireless companies' 5G experimentation is happening in super-high frequencies -- as high as seventy three,000 MHz. Today's telephone networks broadcast signal during a vary of 700 Mc to three,500 MHz.
The advantage of high-frequency signals is that they are capable of providing considerably quicker knowledge speeds. The disadvantage is that they travel a lot of shorter distances and that they cannot simply penetrate walls. which means thousands -- even perhaps millions -- of mini cell towers, or "small cells" would wish to be placed on prime of each lamp post, each building, within each home and doubtless each area.
That presents a bunch of issues. however will telephone firms presumably method all that data? There square measure firms, like Google's recently noninheritable  Alpental, that square measure acting on those "backhaul" problems. however they are not therefore near an answer, consistent with Akshay Sharma, wireless infrastructure analyst at Gartne.
That's why 5G would possibly complement 4G, instead of outright replace it. In buildings and in jam-pawncked areas, 5G would possibly offer a speed boost. however once you are driving down the main road, 4G might be your solely choice -- a minimum of for a moment.


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